kenny amanda

Hi Faith 🙂

Manda says thank you. The ring is beautiful! And thanks for the sketch. We both love it. Very good job Faith. I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

– K C

Sasa MartinV: My fiancé is terrible in keeping secrets from me.

F: Really?! You got a good one then! What secret?
V: omgdiamond

F: Congratulations! How’s the fit?

V: Perfect my dear. Thank you so much!!kiss

F: Big enough?

V: Too BIG! shocked

Totally caught me by surprise! I thought we agreed to do it in October!

You truly are a girl’s best friend!laugh tearsThank you so much! heart

– V A


luki aldrich

Hi Faith,
Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful and gorgeous ring..hehe…

I love it so much, I can’t stop looking at it! Love the sketch as well. Still can’t believe it though. I’m so happy!

I was so surprised when Aldich proposed!            – L S

Khanh Soren looking

Thank you so much Faith!

Our rings are just beautiful!

We love them.

– S&K










I proposed last night!!

She loves the ring.

Fits perfectly and it looks REALLY good on her finger!

Thank you 🙂

– R A



armand grace

We are engaged! Thank you! She loves it!

Loves the design and everything else. Said it’s perfect! Fits just nice. Thank youuu 🙂

– A T



cindy jesse

Oh Faith!

I cannot stop looking at my ring! lol

I almost ran over people crossing the road today. Really. I kept staring.

The diamond gets so much light through the side. I’m really happy.

Thank you so much!                                                – C L