Redesign 1.00ct Round Diamond Ring

The engagement ring is a jewel you wear every day for the rest of your life. We can really understand when it is not to your 100% expectations. Cindy approached us when she received hers. Observing many flaws such as the inconsistency in the claws on the band holding the smaller diamonds. The massively thick prongs holding the main stone, dwarfing its size and sparkle.

  • A redesign and remake to create the finest most delicate claws possible.
  • Sitting larger diamonds into the band and having shared claws, gives clean lines and clarity.
  • All the diamonds are on show and no long overwhelmed by the amount of settings and metal.
  • The perfectly matching wedding band was also made together to ensure they start and stop at exactly the same point with no gaps between the two made to match rings.
  • Congratulations Jess and Cindy! Our first clients from the USA! 🙂
  • Thank you for your faith in our work to remake and finish a jewel to enjoy forever.