Designing the Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Solitaire of all Solitaires.

A must-read about the journey of the creation of a truly exquisite solitaire diamond ring design.


Sitting by the park on a beautiful Melbourne day.

A perfect day to write stories that remind us of the love and beauty that is all around us, if we only look.


It was very much an honour to create Thania’s and Kevin’s engagement ring. Thania has a great style and taste, so evident in the way she dress and chooses her accessories. To be honest, I was slightly nervous in the beginning. From years of experience, designing for a designer, often comes with steep challenges.

After a very serendipitous find with Kevin for the special diamond, I was definitely up for the task to dream up the design that embodies what we think will be perfect for Thania.


A classic round brilliant cut solitaire was the request.


Solitaires come with a myriad of options. Depending on the size of the diamond,

If in a round shape, can be framed and set in a 3 claws , 4 claws, 5 claws, 6 claws to 8 claws. This is always how I would start by discussing the best look for the diamond.


The tiffany 6-claw ring has always been a special jewel that has been around for centuries. It’s design though timeless, has been done so many times and rather dated to be honest in my opinion.


The setting from the side view creates a W-shaped claws, but the flaw I see is how it caged the diamond.

Opening it up and seeing the tip of a gemstone that is so perfect in its cutting, triple excellent in the highest colour and clarity, GIA certified, in its natural beauty and glory, is to me a true design accomplishment.


Why hide a diamond in all that gold and setting, when it can be raised, lifted, to be admired and enjoyed?

Thinking outside the box and reinventing the wheel, the final design allows us to peeking open the tight cages and presenting the wearer the amazing a view of the diamond, one will usually never see again traditionally in most rings after it is set.


So Thania’s ring is indeed one of my favourite creations.

You are privy to see the development sketches on how this design was arrived!

From a boxy look with two separate components, one which is the shank (or the band of the ring) and two which is the coronet or setting that held the diamond.

Joining the two sections together and creating ONE whole piece is like marrying the best of two worlds and uniting it into a beautiful flow, like a flower in bloom.

Pure joy and beauty, right there on the finger.


Despite the small selections of designs we narrowed down to, Kevin was so sure when he saw the ring design, that THAT was the ring. It always impresses me that when it comes to picking a ring design for their future bride, men are just as certain as they are about choosing the special one they will spend the rest of their life with. It is a ‘meeting’.. and a very special one. You may meet many others, but still know that deep inside, you have met THE ONE.


The lovely compliments that came Thania’s way and the joy I see in her eyes when she wears the ring, cannot be a better reward from the fruits of this design journey. True moments of the beauty and love, shared by clients like Thania and Kevin, is what I live for!

More about this design journey HERE.

Up next the wedding jewels for him and her that they will wear for life!

More excitement and wonderment to come. Watch this space!