Halo Ring Design

The beautiful pink ‘diamond’ ring


If there’s one thing in this business that is more gratifying than anything else, it’s seeing the light in a customer’s eyes crystallize as they see the magic in every jewel. The moment that ring slides around their finger, there is a sense of timeless glamour and romance that falls upon their soul. Bringing that genuine serenity and happiness out of people from all walks of life is what I love to do more than anything else.


That’s why the Pink Spinel Ring was such a majestic and magnificent read to create for Ben and Lina.




Ben and Lina were just married in January of this year in Sydney. Their wedding was unbelievable, and all the guests had an unbeatable view overlooking the harbor bridge and the opera house. First, it is only fit that I thank them for including me in their wedding and their beautiful life together. I designed the engagement ring, and all of the wedding jewels for Lina’s wedding day, including a full set of earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and their wedding bands.

Creating all this jewelry for them was an immense pleasure, which is why I was delighted when they came back with open arms for Lina’s birthday present. This time, we didn’t go over the myriad of options that I can provide them for wedding rings and other jewelry – they knew exactly what they wanted, and it was my honor to provide.



Lina’s birthday present was a diamond halo ring with a lovely pink center stone.


This ring was going to be very special, and I took it upon myself to design something that exceed their expectations. We met at a quaint little café in Melbourne called Black Kettle for coffee. Ben and Lina made the trek to fly into Melbourne on a short break so they could pick out the gemstone.


Black Kettle famous for their awesome brunch menu also has beautiful high ceilings and tons of natural light, which is perfect for showing off stones. The light danced gracefully against the hues of the gems, which also played well with Lina’s fair complexion and lustrous, youthful skin tone. As Lina sat there and looked over every gem, Ben kept his great eye for detail, sharp as ever, to help her pick the gem stone to suit Lina, making sure that what we all packed together would create a timeless piece to last a lifetime.IMG_0551natural light 2 natural light The-Kettle-Black-Tim-Grey-5

As we sketched everything out, it quickly became clear that Lina liked the claws of the ring to point out and create a star effect. For the halo, I drew a few quick sketches and presented a 30° angle to show off the idea. I made everything scale to Lina’s finger size to get the final approval. Finally, they were brave enough to pick a fine bezel in rose gold that would lend extra impact. Needless to say, after seeing the final product, that decision was spot on.



The opportunity to take clients, especially those like Ben and Lina, on a journey through all of their gemstone options is something that a designer never takes for granted. Thank you so much, Ben and Lina.


After a few short weeks, the piece was finished. Usually, if clients are astonished by the design, they’re going to truly love the finished ring. The balance of color and scale was unprecedented. The center stone, at a glance, was undoubtedly a true diamond unless you truly had a high-powered magnifying glass in your pocket. A natural vivid pink diamond at only 0.50ct in size with such an evenly distributed color would easily be worth over $100,000 (for illustration sake)  but because of how we put the pieces together, Lina was able to have her perfect birthday gift for a fraction of the cost :but a major wow factor 🙂


Price tag aside, I always have the firm belief that a clever and impactful design is all that takes to make a gem stone stand out. This aesthetic so proudly achieved in this ring is truly wonderful!





Ben and Lina were so thankful, which I am grateful for. Lena said she has had comments and admirers pouring in. To be honest, ever since we put the picture of the ring up on Facebook and Instagram, we have had the exact same reaction.




Clients like Ben and Lina make my job just so wonderful. I’m genuinely thankful that I’m able to work with people like Ben and Lina so often, and create mesmerizing pieces that will be cherished for years and years to come.


Enjoy your stunning Pink Spinel and diamond Ring!

Happy Birthday Amy!

I was thrilled when Amy approached me to remodel her late grandmother’s ring. She had sent me pictures to start the creative juices flowing, but when I finally saw it, the stunning deep blue Australian sapphire, beautifully cut with amazing flashes of blue within it’s midnight black, just took my breath away.

The ring held special memories and much sentimental meaning. Sitting in the drawer for a good time, Amy’s birthday is definitely opportune for bringing new life to this stunning heirloom.

Amy’s style was distinct and I would call elegant chic. To compliment her bold and refined engagement and wedding jewels featuring Princess cuts and flat bands, we discussed a classic halo ring with the modern wide band for the ring’s new look.

It was great fun talking rings over coffee, where the first quick sketch was born:


Over the next few weeks, I documented the creation process working out the raw material required in platinum for the ring quote, unsetting the gemstones for final measure and weigh in on the scales (something we can only estimate in the beginning until the ring is taken apart). Not all diamonds surrounding the main stone was usable. This is common in many estate pieces and to find more matching white diamonds to complete halo in the new ring was the sweet part of the challenge.


The result, a beautiful combination of the new and old in the best collaboration!



Amy’s bespoke Platinum ring featuring a 2.77ct Sapphire and 0.34ct Diamonds

I have never drawn the old ring in any of my many remodels over the past 10 years I have been designing. But I was so inspired by the history it came with and knowing the raw gold material in the ring will be scrapped and gone forever, drawing the new ring next to the old felt a coming of full circle. It was a magical moment completing the sketch memento. I trust Amy will love and appreciate it. Big thanks to Amy’s hubby Ryan for being a part of this birthday surprise 🙂  Kudos to cool grandma (and grand daughter) with a great taste!

Happy Birthday Amy! Enjoy your special day and your amazing jewel! x


Big Love,