Love is Pink

It’s been a long long while since my last post. Always amazing how so much can happen in such little time. Today my heart swells again as I delivered another beloved sparkle of diamonds and soft pink sapphires in an engagement ring, made with love and sprinkled with the biggest wishes of a wonderful journey ahead that I have for the soon to be engaged couple.

A song plays over the radio as I bid a young, hopeful groom-to-be farewell as he proudly carries his Faith Jewels ring box, leaving my studio.

I too fall in love everyday with this moment, sign, sealed, delivered in a ring, a one-in-a-life time jewel that means so much for this time of our lives, a union of two beautiful souls as they walk on together…


‘Cause God knows I fall
In love just a little ol’ little bit
Every day with someone new
I fall in love just a little ol’ little bit
Every day with someone new
I fall in love just a little ol’ little bit
Every day with someone new
I fall in love just a little ol’ little bit
Every day with someone new
I fall in love just a little ol’ little bit
Every day with someone new
I fall in love just a little ol’ little bit
Every day
Love with every stranger, the stranger the better
Love with every stranger, the stranger the better
Love with every stranger, the stranger the better
Faith with love

The Beginning of Forever

The Beginning of Forever Ring

We met at one of my favourite client’s bridal shower in Sydney. I still remember the day, a beautiful and luxurious high tea at the Langham hotel to celebrate with bang! I was blessed to sit next to this gorgeous girl. Her bubbly and warm personality, with the most gentle demeanor made her even more attractive.FullSizeRender(9)


Sometimes you meet a special person and they leave quite lasting impressions and you just hit it off. And a friendships grows, distance doesn’t matter. We feel happy to even have crossed paths. Roxane is special, and on the same day I was fortunate to also meet Paul, her beau for whom she left Paris to be with in Sydney when he came for work commitments.


Learning about their seven year journey of blossoming love and faith at our meeting, I felt a a true love’s match so powerful, I was amazed to see it. I do see love lots, having been blessed with the job to design and help clients with their engagement rings. The joy received from seeing love everyday keeps me going and sharing a good dose of a couple’s happiest moments of their lives is priceless. Sometimes I wish I could bottle that emotion, that glimpse when we see a union, the pure joy and love two wonderful people share. I reckon it’s worth a fortune, if money can buy it.IMG_9097

Paul spoke few words but sure was taking it in when Roxane excitedly showed him my folio of works I had with me. The next time we met again was at the wedding of Ben & Lina. Secretly while Roxane was having a ball on the dance floor, Paul crept over to our table and told me he intended to propose to Roxane and would like me to create their dream ring. I nearly died (with thrill and excitement) but kept myself together for I know how long and what these love birds have been through. Roxane would only be so lucky! So there it began from January, it was months of preparation, designing on the drawing board, going back and forth on the look of the jewel to befit an amazingly talented designer herself (fashion, swimwear and footwear designer! No pressure there 🙂

FullSizeRender(1)During the days and weeks that followed, I carried a sketch book everywhere, drawing religiously whenever inspiration hit me (while feeding the kids lunch, even stopping the car once, pulling to the curbside, excitedly working on a sketch as soon as an idea crossed my mind).

The brief was to match a beautiful pearl necklace that Paul had gifted Roxane. It has a sweep and curve hugging the pearl. We liked the organic and beautiful flow of the lines. We also knew Roxane loved the soft warm hues of the rose gold and beautiful artdeco/ vintage engravings, which we added to make this truly a one-of-a-kind spectacular engagement ring.FullSizeRender(2)

I wanted a 3 dimensional ring, a discovery ring, that offers beauty to the eye from every angle. And when I found a light pink diamond (and also flawless in clarity to add) by complete chance while handpicking diamonds from my best diamond cutters, I nearly fell off my chair (really literally) and knew in that moment, that was the diamond for Roxane. Magical things happen and we only need to open our eyes and heart and receive the blessings from above for every corner we turn.


The ring was completed in March and Paul had already prepared the most beautiful message he wanted me to have engraved around the inside of the ring.


“This is the beginning of forever…”



That beginning took months (and I believe lots of planning) before Paul finally popped the question to Roxane in July (the longest time I ever had to keep a secret from a girlfriend, who generously comments on every jewel I put up in my facebook and insta gallery). Totally a proposal worth waiting for by the looks of this picture that paints a thousand words.


… Riding horses hand in hand into the sunset on a Californian summers day…

Congratulations Roxane and Paul and cheers to your engagement and wedding to come! I can’t wait to see you two again…

Forever friends



The beautiful pink ‘diamond’ ring


If there’s one thing in this business that is more gratifying than anything else, it’s seeing the light in a customer’s eyes crystallize as they see the magic in every jewel. The moment that ring slides around their finger, there is a sense of timeless glamour and romance that falls upon their soul. Bringing that genuine serenity and happiness out of people from all walks of life is what I love to do more than anything else.


That’s why the Pink Spinel Ring was such a majestic and magnificent read to create for Ben and Lina.




Ben and Lina were just married in January of this year in Sydney. Their wedding was unbelievable, and all the guests had an unbeatable view overlooking the harbor bridge and the opera house. First, it is only fit that I thank them for including me in their wedding and their beautiful life together. I designed the engagement ring, and all of the wedding jewels for Lina’s wedding day, including a full set of earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and their wedding bands.

Creating all this jewelry for them was an immense pleasure, which is why I was delighted when they came back with open arms for Lina’s birthday present. This time, we didn’t go over the myriad of options that I can provide them for wedding rings and other jewelry – they knew exactly what they wanted, and it was my honor to provide.



Lina’s birthday present was a diamond halo ring with a lovely pink center stone.


This ring was going to be very special, and I took it upon myself to design something that exceed their expectations. We met at a quaint little café in Melbourne called Black Kettle for coffee. Ben and Lina made the trek to fly into Melbourne on a short break so they could pick out the gemstone.


Black Kettle famous for their awesome brunch menu also has beautiful high ceilings and tons of natural light, which is perfect for showing off stones. The light danced gracefully against the hues of the gems, which also played well with Lina’s fair complexion and lustrous, youthful skin tone. As Lina sat there and looked over every gem, Ben kept his great eye for detail, sharp as ever, to help her pick the gem stone to suit Lina, making sure that what we all packed together would create a timeless piece to last a lifetime.IMG_0551natural light 2 natural light The-Kettle-Black-Tim-Grey-5

As we sketched everything out, it quickly became clear that Lina liked the claws of the ring to point out and create a star effect. For the halo, I drew a few quick sketches and presented a 30° angle to show off the idea. I made everything scale to Lina’s finger size to get the final approval. Finally, they were brave enough to pick a fine bezel in rose gold that would lend extra impact. Needless to say, after seeing the final product, that decision was spot on.



The opportunity to take clients, especially those like Ben and Lina, on a journey through all of their gemstone options is something that a designer never takes for granted. Thank you so much, Ben and Lina.


After a few short weeks, the piece was finished. Usually, if clients are astonished by the design, they’re going to truly love the finished ring. The balance of color and scale was unprecedented. The center stone, at a glance, was undoubtedly a true diamond unless you truly had a high-powered magnifying glass in your pocket. A natural vivid pink diamond at only 0.50ct in size with such an evenly distributed color would easily be worth over $100,000 (for illustration sake)  but because of how we put the pieces together, Lina was able to have her perfect birthday gift for a fraction of the cost :but a major wow factor 🙂


Price tag aside, I always have the firm belief that a clever and impactful design is all that takes to make a gem stone stand out. This aesthetic so proudly achieved in this ring is truly wonderful!





Ben and Lina were so thankful, which I am grateful for. Lena said she has had comments and admirers pouring in. To be honest, ever since we put the picture of the ring up on Facebook and Instagram, we have had the exact same reaction.




Clients like Ben and Lina make my job just so wonderful. I’m genuinely thankful that I’m able to work with people like Ben and Lina so often, and create mesmerizing pieces that will be cherished for years and years to come.


Enjoy your stunning Pink Spinel and diamond Ring!

Happy Birthday Amy!

I was thrilled when Amy approached me to remodel her late grandmother’s ring. She had sent me pictures to start the creative juices flowing, but when I finally saw it, the stunning deep blue Australian sapphire, beautifully cut with amazing flashes of blue within it’s midnight black, just took my breath away.

The ring held special memories and much sentimental meaning. Sitting in the drawer for a good time, Amy’s birthday is definitely opportune for bringing new life to this stunning heirloom.

Amy’s style was distinct and I would call elegant chic. To compliment her bold and refined engagement and wedding jewels featuring Princess cuts and flat bands, we discussed a classic halo ring with the modern wide band for the ring’s new look.

It was great fun talking rings over coffee, where the first quick sketch was born:


Over the next few weeks, I documented the creation process working out the raw material required in platinum for the ring quote, unsetting the gemstones for final measure and weigh in on the scales (something we can only estimate in the beginning until the ring is taken apart). Not all diamonds surrounding the main stone was usable. This is common in many estate pieces and to find more matching white diamonds to complete halo in the new ring was the sweet part of the challenge.


The result, a beautiful combination of the new and old in the best collaboration!



Amy’s bespoke Platinum ring featuring a 2.77ct Sapphire and 0.34ct Diamonds

I have never drawn the old ring in any of my many remodels over the past 10 years I have been designing. But I was so inspired by the history it came with and knowing the raw gold material in the ring will be scrapped and gone forever, drawing the new ring next to the old felt a coming of full circle. It was a magical moment completing the sketch memento. I trust Amy will love and appreciate it. Big thanks to Amy’s hubby Ryan for being a part of this birthday surprise 🙂  Kudos to cool grandma (and grand daughter) with a great taste!

Happy Birthday Amy! Enjoy your special day and your amazing jewel! x


Big Love,



Birthday Jewels of Sapphires

It is a truly special honour when clients return to commission new exciting jewels after their engagement ring. The friendships that have sprung from many serendipitous design consults and inspiring conversations on diamonds and sparkles takes me always by very pleasant surprise.


I will fondly remember the day when Herman (now Astrid’s husband) met me and picked her engagement ring. Men I find, are often so certain of a design once they decide on it, they NEVER change their mind. I like that definite, ‘YES! That’s it! I love it!’ for it feels strongly to me like a sweet parallel, when they meet the woman of their dreams, who will be their wife and mother of their children 🙂


Few years down the track with little sweet Fiona addition to the family, I have designed matching diamond hand carved wedding bands for Astrid, a stunning green Emerald with diamond ring (push present?) and the most impressive to date, a sapphire three-stone jewel.


I am glad we pushed the boundaries and thankful that Astrid allowed me to convince her with rose and white gold two-tone ring that she could barely imagine will work, just looking at my first round of rough free hand sketches.  6a76e9f14641e0d490a3a5b058e7c57f ab4e0c66e356454892b1bf07ea47dd0a











I love that Astrid has a great eye for detail and amazing vision. Following her parameters to select the sapphires in the depths of hues she loved (Australian blue sapphire of midnight black with strong flashes of blue reflections) and pair of chubby vs skinny pear cut sapphires, we set about creating this one-of-a-kind-dream ring.

f9f669deb97cd6e38f8f85b9f34c8c2c IMG_5629











With Pinterest and Instagram offering loads of images, not to mention google, on hand, it’s not hard these days to find pretty photos or renders of rings. And even easier to go, yes I love that picture, let’s make a ring EXACTLY like that, or add this detail from ring A and that of ring B and C. To say this was a dream ring, is special. For I could not find any image of what I had in my head for this ring that I knew Astrid would love. Thanks to the pencil and paper, putting together concepts and confidence that she will enjoy a taller setting than usual, we went for my sketched design!


IMG_5795 Blue and Pink Sapphire ring side view













The finished ring turned out well over 6.8mm tall but so wearable even for everyday! The bezel underneath extending out every well balanced claw, combined with the solid rose gold, sweeping up towards the pear cut tips truly won us over 🙂 A ring completely designed and imagined over emails and whatspp chats! Just like the Emerald & diamond ring we did 2 years ago too!


Astrid Ring CollectionThank you Astrid for your trust and confidence. Congrats and Happy belated Birthday Astrid! What an awesome present to reward yourself for all the amazing accomplishments in your business and family life! 🙂

Enjoy this stunning ring fit for a queen. Let’ make magic again next year for your birthday!

#faithjewels #showmeyourrings



Win a pair of Diamond Earrings!

Diamond Earrings will make anyone’s day for a First prize at the Raffle ticket draw for Our Lady’s Primary School Fete.

Diamond-earrings Winner Our Lady's Primary School Fete

Faith Jewels is proud to donate these amazing pair of sparklers!

Valued at $2500 these illusion earring studs are perfect for the everyday or special occasion.

Congrats to the lucky winner 🙂 Always great to contribute and give back to the community.

Great effort on the organisers and school for the awesome fete.

Thank you for all the lovely ladies and gents for stopping by and thank you for having us!




Planning the display collection


Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

Pictures speak a thousand words, and these photos from Cindy & Jesse’s wedding truly shares the joy and happiness of their union on their wedding day.

Big big shout out and thanks to Byron and Wendy from Byron Roe Photography for letting me share these amazing photos of Cindy & Jesse.


An extract from their Byron’s blog:

“I’ve known Jesse for over 8 years now (through my old job…the same where they met!) and have never seen him so happy!  Cindy and Jesse met at Smart Solutions when Jesse casually overheard Cindy’s love of M&Ms and secretly placed some on her desk soon after!

Quite a nice ice breaker 🙂  These two have learned, grown and loved one another over the years and when Jesse made the big leap to San Francisco, Cindy was quick to join!  Their wedding was a collection of close friends and family (some all the way from Singapore!), with intimate and funny moments throughout the day.  Things I took away from their day?  Cindy laughs at everyones jokes, the shoe game was HILARIOUS, and Smart Solutions has had some pretty cool peeps through their doors! “


I was really moved by this short and sweet summary through the eyes of the photographer. Looking at the photos taken, every angle, every detail comes full circle to tell a beautiful love story.


I’ve known Cindy for over 30 years now. My best memory is us walking home hand in hand from nursery or kindergarten. Our homes were barely minutes from each other and despite never being in the same school again till we were 16, our bond from the early years still held a special place in our hearts. We had best friends and close family pass in our time and I will never forget the love and support Cindy gave to me at my lowest moments. A friend true and true, with fate we reunited again in Melbourne few years later and kept the friendship despite distance.


Life pulls and tugs us in waves and directions we never can see. I was truly honoured and surprised when Cindy asked me to redesign her ring and later create jewels for sister-in-law and design Jesse’s wedding band. The trust she put in me to deliver her dream rings despite being oceans apart, is the biggest compliment ever. Through the eyes of the photographer, and these amazing moments captured, indeed I too have never seen Cindy so happy, Jesse & Cindy may all the blessings & love of the world be with both of you forever…



Welcome to the world Stella Rose!

Beautiful Stella Rose has finally arrived!💕

 Our favourite clients’ gorgeous little girl was born on 16 July 2015. What a special day to welcome her into the world!Daddy has prepared an amazing ‘push present’ for mummy with a gorgeous pink diamond ring to match the wedding and Engagement jewels!

 The thought that your father had went through to make sure that mum was absolutely surprised was a truly touching and just so wonderful. You have beautiful heirlooms awaiting when you grow up, Stella!😍
Congratulations Soren and Khanh! Enjoy parenthood and make the most of this wonderful time together!



Faith Jewels Collections in store now


We are delighted to join Amelia Waddell at her gorgeous Make Your Day Wedding Styling boutique! Amelia’s shop space at Sparta Place in Brunswick is in the heart of all the wedding action, in the Mariana Hardwick building off Sydney Rd. we cannot be happier or luckier with this awesome collaboration. 

Clients can now make appointments for a private consultation to custom design their wedding jewels, engagement ring and anniversary jewels. 
Try on the stunning range in Faith Jewels newest collection of bridal jewels with a touch of Art Deco and vintage beauty. More photos and stories of each lovingly crafted jewel to come soon! 

Big love to all❤️


Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels Auction


 Historic and exceptional 8.72-carat, ‪#‎cushion‬brilliant-cut, VS2-clarity, fancy vivid ‪#‎pinkdiamond‬ mounted on a ring (Lot 460), believed to have been in the collection of jewels owned by Princes Mathilde Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon I, relative of King George III and the Tsar of Russia.

This stunning rare jewel featuring a non-modified cushion cut; highly unusual for a pink diamond sold for $14.8million at the May 12 Sotheby’s auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels, in Geneva.

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